Djibouti Visa detail


Embark on an extraordinary journey to Djibouti, where captivating landscapes and diverse marine life beckon adventurers. Dive into the Red Sea's azure depths, explore lunar-like terrains, and encounter nomadic cultures. This East African gem promises a thrilling blend of natural wonders and cultural exploration for intrepid travelers..

Visa Details

Djibouti offers an online electronic visa:

✸Electronic Visa (3 months):

Type: Online Visa.
Purpose: General Visit/Tourism.

Validity: 3 months.
Number of Entries: Single entry.
Max Stay Duration: 1 month.

Visa Processing Time: 8 working days.
Visa Price: DA.

Visa Requirements

  • Passeport Scan
  • Photo ID
  • Visa Fee


  • You must provide a date of travel when you apply for visa
  • Visa fee is non-refundable