Cuba Visa detail


Cuba, where vibrant culture and lively streets. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats of salsa, stroll along historic cobblestone alleys, and savor the flavors of Havana. This Caribbean gem invites travelers to embrace its rich history, lively spirit, and warm hospitality.

Visa Details

Cuba offers a sticker visa:

✸Sticker Visa:

Type: Sticker Visa.
Purpose: General Visit/Tourism.

Validity: 30 days (starting from the day of issue).
Number of Entries: Single entry.
Max Stay Duration: 30 days.

Visa Processing Time: 10 working days.
Visa Price: DA.

Visa Requirements

  • Photo ID
  • A Scan of a valid Passport at least 6 months prior to visa application
  • Visa Fee
  • RC or Work certificate


  • You might go through airport check when you arrive in Cuba
  • Visa fee is non-refundable